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Full Choke Kennels

Born to Retrieve Trained to Hunt  Breeding and Training Center

Train Your Labrador
the Greatest Duck Hunter

Contact us for more details about our gundog training center in Glenwood, Arkansas.

870 223-1823

Training Gundogs and Breeding Labrador Retrievers

Full Choke Kennels is a training facility in Glenwood, Arkansas for gundogs for duck hunting. In 1979, we began training gundogs and working with Labrador Retrievers. We’re now a full-time Retriever Training Center with more than 40 years of experience in advance gundog training.

“I'm lucky, 300 days a year I'm training retrievers, getting them ready for the upcoming season,60 days a year we're huntin' ducks,tough life!”


Our Goal

Founded and operated by Doug Ware, our goal is to be Arkansas' best gundog trainer for duck hunting and championship pedigree breeding. We have two training lakes and fields at our training facility in Glenwood, Arkansas.

Training Rates

Gundog Training


*6-Month Program Recommended 

Obedience Training


*2 to 3 Months of Training Recommended

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